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About MBF Group

MBF Group Holdings & Establishments is a progressive and diversified group based out of dubai, UAE with interests in Healthcare, IT and Retail spanning across the MENA region
Founder, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi is an alumnus of American University of Sharjah with extensive experience in Financial Markets, investment banking and deep networks across the region.
Passionate about actively contributing to socio-economic and all round development, HH Sheikh Mohammed has also been one of the Founding Members of the Alumni Association of American University of Sharjah.
HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi
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HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi
My vision is creating high-impact, sustainable and value driven projects in the pursuit of Making a Better Future. Being part of Gulf Medical Projects Company and having co-founded the Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, among the most successful and reputed hospitals in the country, back in 2003, it gives me great pleasure to present to you, the bold, ambitious and highly promising projects planned for the year 2017 and ahead.
One thing that is absolutely certain about today's world is CHANGE, and it is important that our future growth strategies adapt to the rapid change the world is undergoing every day. In this pursuit, we strive to align ourselves with the UAE vision 2021 and the Saudi vision 2030 in the projects we have created to solve the new set of challenges facing the Middle East today.
The MBF projects portfolio addresses the key needs and aspirations of today's diverse, fast evolving and highly advanced society. We envision our projects playing an essential role in the development and prosperity of the Middle East and setting the benchmark for standards of excellence in their respective sectors.
Investing with us, contributes significantly to make a better future for the hundreds of thousands of people who shall benefit from the projects. We have planned to provide investors with transparent, positive and immense financial returns in the short and long term.
HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi
Core Growth Sectors
Through the MBF group, we envision the development of high impact, sustainable and people oriented projects across the middle east.
As part of this vision for MBF, HH Sheikh Mohammed has initiated several large projects within the middle east.
Our projects firmly focus on core growth sectors such as retail, finance, education, entertainment and health care. These sectors offer the unique advantage of being relevant at any point in time.
Substantial differentiation our offerings and strategic execution ensures that we stay ahead in these sectors at any market we choose to enter.
The long term ambition of the company is to go beyond projects within the Middle east, onto a global level and firmly establish the company among the world's leading project development companies.

Holding Company Structure

MBF Group is a flagship company of
HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Faisal Al Qassimi Office
HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi is the Chairman of MBF Group Holdings and Establishments with several large projects across the middle east. The main focus of the company is towards project development.
Gulf Medical Commercial Agencies
GMPC is a pioneer in the health care business in the UAE, having established several high impact projects, it is also listed in the Abu Dhabi stock exchange. HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi owns 20% of the company, GMPC is in possession of AED 603 million in paid up capital Annual financial reports and board structure is available at
Gulf Medical Projects Company
GMCA, is among UAE's leading medical equipment providers and has an annual turnover of over 15 million AED. HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi owns 20% of the company.
Al Faisal Travel Tourism & Cargo
Al Faisal T ravel Tourism & cargo is a fully featured and operational travel agency that handles all tourism and cargo related activities, HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi is the Director of the company.
HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi
HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Qassimi owns significant land assets across the UAE.
Our Vision
Our Vision
Raising the bar for a better lifestyle by creating inspiring projects that takes the future to another dimension
Our Vision
Our Mission
Building high impact, people oriented projects that add value to stakeholders, society and the lives of people.